Established in 1979, The Vermont Maple Farm has three generations of our family currently involved in the production of our Certified Organic 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. We started with 3,000 taps in 1979 and have grown to over 10,500 taps today. 

Located at an elevation of 1800 ft. in the heart of the "Green Mountains" of Vermont, lies our gorgeous maple sugarbush. Boiling season is a short period starting around March 1st and ending around April 15th, depending on the number of freezing nights and thawing days we have during this time. Before any boiling can commence you will find many of our, ever generous, family and friends, helping us with our long days in the woods, trekking through deep snow and navigating over brooks. We need to prep all of our sap lines that run from tree to tree and then eventually all lead back to the sugarhouse. We need to make sure that all lines are run correctly with no damage, trees tend to fall and take them out on the way down. They need to be high enough off the ground so they don't get buried by the snow. We also need to ensure there are no leaks or damage to any of the lines, those curious red squirrels like to nibble on them, as well as deer, bear, and coyotes. After this is complete we tap the trees. This is done by drilling a 5/16th" hole in the maple tree and then gently insert a clear plastic tap into the tree. The tap is attached to, what we call a drop line, which is attached to a lateral line, which is attached to a main line, which finally runs all the way to our sugarhouse. The sap has a little help getting there, as we run a vacuum pump. This allows the sap to get to the sugarhouse as quickly as possible. That means we start boiling sooner! On average it takes 44 gallons of sweet sap of the maple tree to get one gallon of our delicious "Certified Organic 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup."

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